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The luxury brand vito lupo

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VITOLUPO brand was established in 2018 as part of Ellevi, a company founded in 1976 world leader in the production of high-end interior furnishings for the naval and hotel sectors.

Ellevi is an entrepreneurial company able to develop a global design, realization and restructuring service, guaranteeing the customer a dedicated partner in the handling of projects, even under strict deadlines requiring turnkey solutions. Today, after more than forty years of activity, the company has a strong industrial structure distributed in Europe with operational offices also in Miami and London. An entrepreneurial reality capable of developing a new order management model capable of perfecting a total design, construction and renovation service, guaranteeing the customer a single interlocutor in the management of works that require turnkey services even in a very short time.

On these solid foundations, the first collection of furnishings by VITOLUPO was born, dedicated to the pursuit of the highest levels of design aesthetics and the promotion of a new culture of contemporary furniture. Favoured by the perfect knowledge of the oldest craftsmanship cultures still present on the Italian territory, along with a rich archive of the finest materials, the VITOLUPO brand represents the summit in the field of excellence.


Values and

Vito Lupo

Each artefact is the result of a creative process aimed at originating exclusive values, through an artistic culture inherited from ancient times, yet still able to pursue the most daring solutions provided by contemporary technology; throughout this refined process, each piece of furniture comes from the immediacy of the consumption and the ephemeral condition of fashion trends, to rightfully enter the dimension of Art, seeing its value growing and consolidating over time.

The essence of every VITOLUPO creation is to introduce highest quality solutions, offering clean forms owing various functions in a private setting and suggesting the encounter between pleasure and beauty in every living space: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living room, Study.

Each piece of furniture and all the components that organize its solid structure can only be the result of constant customization, but also of those passages that only the expert dexterity makes ‘unique pieces’, never repeatable by technology and in deep symbiosis with the always different and independent characters of the material used, from semiprecious stones to veins

of a noble wood, the rarity of the fabrics and the color scheme of the metals.

We can affirm that every VITOLUPO furniture can only be itself, authentic because it is never identical to a subsequent one. In fact, we know that the craftsman is not a machine that reproduces to perfection, but an artist in dialogue with himself, ready to listen and interpret the support he has in his expert hands.

With these values, VITOLUPO embodies excellence and defines the rules that alone can lead, in the culture of furniture-making, to the true dimension of luxury.

The luxury brand vito lupo

Day to

This Edition, through a considerable number of images, follows the time that passes between the awakening, along the hours of everyday life, and the return to those hours that reintroduce the new season of rest; a path that covers the development of time ‘between day and night’, held in the context of one’s home, between the functions of use and the solutions that are sought in it, accepting and ‘savoring’ one’s being, but also sharing with others, waiting for moments of silence and participating in those of communication.