VITOLUPO 2021 collection is the continuation of a journey through exclusive materials, impeccable craftsmanship and advanced production technologies, all of this at the service of a design thought that makes each product rich in meaning, unique and timeless. 

The natural evolution of the brand brings the new environments to be designed and conceived to meet the needs of the contemporary lifestyle. In a continuous dialogue between past, present and future, the products are designed thinking of pure shapes and essential features that draw in the space architectures, sometimes organic and extremely soft, other times decidedly hard and rigorous.

Vito Lupo

Example of softness is the Nina armchair, characterized by a generous and enveloping upholsting supported by three sculptural elements available in bronze or wood, which in this play of deliberately oversized proportions, makes the seat sophisticated and iconic.

Edgar table, on the other hand, is the spokesperson for purity of form and design sensitivity. The solid brass base blends with the precious marble blocks in a sophisticated conceptual and physical balance.

Paul coffee table system, plays with simple shapes, a series of circles and half-cylinders of metal and marble interpenetrate, creating a harmony of curves between solids and voids.

Thus an authentic and personal collection is born, which wants to tell a story, made of research and passion for natural materials, design and manufacturing excellence.

A coherent and recognizable language binds all the products, which from the home to contract places lend themselves to combining with each other, creating environments with a strong personality.

Objects with an international taste, which beyond fashion, know how to adapt to places and various lifestyles.


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Nuova collezione Vito Lupo 2021